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Where is home?
Where do I belong?
Is home where you are?
Is home where you belong?

COLOURS is a sound and video project exploring the meaning of home and belonging.

What is

COLOURS brings together people with a Singapore connection to look at what home and belonging means to them using text, sound and video. Participants are Singaporeans who have relocated overseas and those born overseas who are now living in Singapore.

COLOURS explores multiplicities by having multiple audio and video recordings of the same text in different languages. COLOURS explores mobile phone filmmaking as video materials for the project are recorded using mobile phones.

This online collection of materials and thoughts is the first phase of the development of this project and will be further developed into a physical installation.

COLOURS is conceived by Neo Kim Seng and Joavien Ng and developed in collaboration with the project’s 12 participants. COLOURS is supported by the Self-Employed Person Grant awarded by the National Arts Council, Singapore.


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